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What is Mobile Pet Grooming?

With mobile grooming, a fully customized van arrives at your home to take care of all of your pet’s grooming needs. Mobile grooming is preferred by most of today’s busy pet owners. Your pet gets exclusive attention, and this makes it most desirable to use a mobile grooming service.

Our mobile grooming spa has state of the art equipment and only the best products to care for your four-legged family member. The generator furnishes electricity to the dryer, table, clippers, A/C, vacuum, lights and more! A water heater ensures the perfect bath temperature and a therapeutic bathing system to cleanse and soothe your pet.


Day and weekend appointments available. We work with your schedule.

Quicker Service

Your pet is groomed from start to finish at the time of your appointment, usually within one hour!

Why a Mobile Pet Groomer?

Door-to-door Service

Puppers has a custom designed van that conveniently comes directly to you.


You can stay home, no more driving in unpredictable traffic with an anxious pet in the car.


Your dog is given undivided time and attention by a professional groomer. All our groomers arrive to you in our signature red and black uniform.

Less Stress

Quieter settings reduce stress for your pet, especially for those with separation anxieties.


Your pet is the only animal in the salon at the time, preventing contamination from other animals, disease, insects and parasites.

No Car Sickness

No more car-sick pets and mess on the way to and from the salon.


No crates or crate-drying.

Do you need to use my electricity or hose?

Not at all. Our van is fully equipped with a generator for electricity and a water reservoir. A separate tank holds our dirty (but entirely biodegradeable) soapy water, which we empty back at our office.

How long does the grooming take?

Times are based on the size of the pet, coat condition, hair length, etc. Pets with longer, thicker coats or double coats take longer. Typically, it should not take more than an hour and a half.

Is warm water used?

Yes. The mobile spa has a water heater.

How often should my dog be groomed?

We recommend every 4 to 6 weeks. Weekly appointments are also available. Please feel free to set up recurring appointments with us.

But doesn’t frequent bathing dry out the skin and coat? 

Puppers uses only shampoos that are sulfate, Paraben, phthalate free and contain no animal ingredients, are naturally inspired, environmentally sustainable and pH balanced for pets.

Can I have my pet washed in my own shampoo?

We will be happy to use any preferred pet-safe or veterinarian prescribed shampoo, as long as it is designed for and safe to use on pets. Our shampoo choices are perfectly pH balanced for both cats and dogs.

How long until I can get an appointment?

We can usually book your appointment within a week.

Why does mobile grooming cost more than a regular grooming salon?

Our mobile spa comes directly to you, and your dog gets our undivided attention without the stress of being in a cage or under a dryer for several hours. Since we come to you, you no longer have to plan your day around grooming your dog. Unlike a regular shop, the entire van runs on gas and propane which is used to keep the water warm, and we only use the absolute best products available.

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